About Me

My name is Carla Neal. I live with my husband and three of my four children. I never started out to love cooking. Although I do love to eat!

I went to school for fashion design and merchandising. I have a BS in home economics with a minor in clothing and textiles. While my sons were small I had a small business making Victorian styled clothing for children.

We moved when my boys were 4,6 & 8. This is when my life started changing. I divorced my husband, joined a historical reenactment society and met my future husband. I had my fourth child, a daughter, and started cooking.

I now study and redact historical recipes. I love it! It fascinates me when I see in a four hundred year old manuscript something that I know and have made. For example: meringues, mac and cheese, bacon jam, pasta, barbeque sauce, etc.

I am currently translating an Italian manuscript from 1549. It is available in the original Italian at archives.org but there is no translation to date. I plan on posting it on this blog when I finish, probably in another year.

That’s me in a nutshell. I hope you like historical bites as much as I do. Enjoy!